IBTU is having a Christmas Grab Bag on 12-22-2020 at 6-8 pm

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

TGBATG!!! IBTU is having our First Christmas Grab Bag on Tuesday, 12-22-2020 at 6-8 pm. If you want to participate the rules are Simple and are as follows: (1) Please make your Adult Purchase Selection from our IBTU VIP Gift Shop Website today. 👍🏾 Or Cash App $10.00, $20.00 or $30.00 to $IBTUVIPGIFTSHOP Then send your message to that you’ve made your Purchase. (2) Gift prices can start at $10.00 and Up to $100.00 (3) Pick 3 Gifts you want to receive from our IBTU VIP Gift Shop and then Join Us at 6 pm on 12-22-2020 to Receive ”Your Grab Bag Gift” and Celebrate Christmas 2020 together. IBTU will provide Light Refreshments, Christmas Music, Prizes & Surprises. This will be an Adult affair. Please share the word!

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